About us

Who are we

The company behind veerXR

ARVRtech is a global company focused on developing AR & VR solutions that drive the world towards a better future. Our software can be used across a range of verticals: manufacturing, business, education, healthcare, marketing, art, tourism, and more.

Our team consists of highly educated, highly experienced AR & VR experts who love to try out new things and discover better solutions for known problems.

Emerging technologies fascinate us. We develop both scientific and commercial augmented reality and virtual reality projects for governments, universities, and businesses across the globe.

What else do we make

Here are some of the products in our offer

AR Treasure Hunt

An AR application that allows you to implement a scavenger hunt game enhanced by augmented reality.

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Immersive VR learning software that utilizes cutting-edge technology to personalize the learning experience.

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Custom development

If you need a custom AR or VR solution for your business,
feel free to explore our services